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Corporate Module

Corporate Module

Corporate Module is a central software management solution for franchises and multi-outlet
F&B and retail stores, empowering owners with the tools to easily manage, control,
and generate detailed corporate reports across several franchises
and outlets to get insights into overall performance to make
strategic decisions, increase profits, and cut costs.

Flexible Central Solution

The Corporate Module provides the flexibility and scalability to grow businesses
and manage them without having to keep track of each outlet individually.

Consolidation of sales and inventory transactions.

Generate comparative reports between outlets.

Dispatch settings from the main office to all outlets automatically.

Inter-branch information and file transfers via FTP or VPN.

View settings of a specific outlet or a group of outlets and make comparisons to identify differences.

Enhanced broadcasting features to make menu and price changes for any outlet or group of outlets in real-time or at specified times.

Centralized F&B Management

For F&B establishment owners, The Corporate Module provides complete control
over all of a franchise's outlets from a central location and allows the
modification and updating of things as needed, allowing F&B
outlet owners to both save time and increase profits
by reducing outlet specific operations.

Control the menu of all outlets in real-time with just a few clicks.

Manage the POS menus of multiple outlets centrally.

Create categories for menu items centrally and update the menu changes instantly across the chosen outlets.

Centralized F&B Management

Users Roles & Permissions

Business owners may assign specific roles to users in specified outlets, allowing
users such as managers to have permission to have elevated
privileges while running operations.

Assign roles, permissions, and designate tasksĀ to specific users.

Create multiple user roles and assign permissions from the head office.

Designate roles at the brand level and the outlet levels.

Users Roles & Permissions

Enterprise Reporting

Running a large or multi-location business needs extra support, and
even more detailed reporting to ensure constant
profitability, sales performance, and
manage labor costs.

The Corporate Module offers all the needed software management
tools such as accurate reporting, sales analysis, and accessible information that will drive up bottom-line performance and deliver a solid return on investment in a short time.

Take complete charge of all outlets by centrally analyzing reports.

View in-depth reports of each outlet such as the total sales.

Compare the performance of each outlet by analyzing outlet level reports.

Enterprise Reporting