Core Features

Omega offers supplementary features to the Comprehensive POS Software.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

O-Live | Restaurant Management Software

Whether you are running a small high end restaurant or a chain of diners, O-Live will make managing it easy, efficient and profitable.

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O-Market Retail Management Software

O-Market | Retail Management Software

With O-Market you can run any type of retail business whether you own a supermarket, clothing shop, shoe shop, cell phone and accessories outlet, dry cleaners, bookshop, car wash, etc.

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O-Tel Hotel Management Software

O-Tel | Hotel Management Software

O-Tel allows multiple bookings in a snap, with special discounted rates for Corporate and Travel Agent commissions calculated and accounted for automatically.

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Merits Shopping Companion

Merits | Cardless Loyalty Program

Merits app is a stellar loyalty app – it’s your shopping companion everywhere you go. Just visit a participating store, check in, and collect merits for your purchases.

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Otrack Reports and Complaints

O-Track | Real Time Sales Tracking

Dedicated to all Omega Software customers.Giving them access to the Back Office reports, Complaints, and more.

Delivery App - Store - CMS - Delivery Call Center

O-Driver | Driver Fleet Management System

System for restaurants and chains to manage deliveries, track drivers and delight customers.

Analytics Software & Solutions

The Latest Trends, Topics and Insights from the Analytics Leader.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

O-Live is tailored to your needs whether you are a fine dining restaurant, a quick service provider, a delivery operator or a catering company. O-Live Mobility allows severs to take orders on an iPad, and managers to access management functions from the mobile, increasing the speed of the service and eliminating error.

O-Market Retail Management Software

O-Market is a solution for all types of stores both individual and corporate. O-Market includes fast consumer transactions, employee control and security, loyalty software and POS software, and helps increase sales, eliminate waste and control operations. O-Market is a complete management solution for all retail organizations, including POS, inventory management, sales back office and more.
O-Market Retail Management Software

O-Tel Hotel Management Software

O-Tel Hotel Management Software

O-Tel offers complete management software for hotels of all sizes and types. O-Tel includes POS, back office management and integration with the hotel restaurants’ pos software. O-Tel offers a corporate hospitality solution that improves enterprise business intelligence and support, increases guest satisfaction and loyalty and manages room reservations and guest information smoothly.


In addition to the 500 reports that you can generate in the back office and send to the managers and owners via email, O-Track offers a platform where superiors can log in and view sales and business results in real time on mobiles, tablets or personal computers anywhere in the world.

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