Kitchen Monitor is a highly flexible kitchen display system add-on for O-Live that displays orders to your back of house in a clear, organized, and understandable way to increase your kitchen’s performance to best serve your customers by ending communication issues between front of house and back of house staff through an easy to understand digital display.

Intuitive Display System

Kitchen Monitor features a highly flexible display ordering system linked to O-Live allowing your back of house staff from anywhere within the kitchen to view orders and keep service moving at a fast rate in quick services, drive thrus, restaurants, cafés, and other F&B establishments.

Reduce Ticket Times

Reduce ticket times with the use of advanced algorithms within the software allowing lower table turn times and increased throughput, so that your restaurant can be more successful during peak periods.

Meal Pacing

Ensure food is prepared to arrive to tables at the proper time, resulting in a better guest experience with less miscommunication issues.

Kitchen Monitor Special Instructions

Make it easy to call attention to special instructions that can be easily overlooked in a regular order ticket with Kitchen Monitor’s easy to understand color indicators, resulting in far fewer order mistakes and minimizing redundant questions to other staff members who may be busy concentrating on other tasks.

Innovative Kitchen Automation

When meals are ordered, chefs can view the order on kitchen screens and determine which food items to focus on, taking into consideration prep times of each so that all items for a table complete at the same time.

Reduce Communication Issues

When Kitchen Monitor is placed high in the kitchen, staff can easily view the screens to ensure they are cooking the correct meals. Although many chefs and kitchens are very vocal, kitchen monitor can help to ensure that communication between staff does not confuse everyone within earshot.