Merits offers your business a customer loyalty program and a marketing solution that works. Forget the hassle of printing cards and investing in costly marketing softwares. With Merits, you’re only 3 steps away from your own card free loyalty program and marketing platform!

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Fill in the online “Merits Merchant” form.

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Pay online and start interacting with your customers.

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No time wasted, 3 step to signup for an instant Loyalty program.

No Fuss

No need to buy special equipment. You can use any tablet or even your mobile phone as the Merits Terminal instore.

No Hidden Costs

No setup fees. No equipment costs. Just a yearly subscription.


O-Live Restaurant Management Software


Because loyal customers are a successful business’ pillar, Merits offers you a loyalty solution that helps you turn your new visitors into long-term loyal customers. As your clients purchase items and services from your store, they collect merits which are redeemed for a reward. You decide which loyalty plan to implement:

  • Punch Cards : Offer digital punch cards that reward customers for their repeat business. There’s no need to carry a card around - customers get punches right on their phone at checkout.
  • Reward Card : Have fun earning rewards points for the things you love most.
  • Cashback : Earn cashback through points or $ and save money whenever a purchase is done.
  • Automatic Discount : Receive a discount for every transaction made.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

Easy Check-In

You can choose between 3 simple check-in options :

  • Customers scan your QR code at the cashier.
  • You install a beacon and customers are automatically checked in as they enter the store. You can choose to send them an instant welcome message!
  • You scan the customers’ QR code if they do not have internet on their mobile phones.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

Marketing Tool

Connect with your customers through Merits’ wide-ranging marketing communication tool, and create effective marketing campaigns. With your access to the campaign’s results, you can analyze the outcomes and refine your marketing strategy.

  • Improve communication with your clients and send them SMSs, emails, etc.
  • Know which customers entered your store, and send them an instant welcome message.
  • Share your news and events on the news feed, and let your customers have a sneak peek at the new collection.
  • Get notified about your customers’ birthday, and send them a special offer.
  • Identify customers not checking in, and send them special incentives.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software


Merits’ dashboard gives you information on who your customers are, their individual preferences, what works with them and what doesn’t. It gives you clear analytics on your marketing campaigns, and shows you who your best customers are and when they last purchased an item from your store.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

Expand Your Customer Base

Want to reach new customers and drive substantial traffic to your store? Get discovered by new clients by creating a profile page, and appearing in online searches and on the merits map of nearby stores.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

Social Media

Help your content reach new customers every day on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Your customers can share your profile page, posts and events, and save them to their own calendar, making themselves your brand advocates. They can also like your Facebook page directly from the application, thus increasing your online presence on social media.